Amber Hestla Articles

Thank Warren Buffett For Our Next Income Trade
June 5, 2018

Buffett has been using one of his favorite strategies to make a quick gain from this stock. Here's how we can do even better...

The Perfect Setup: A Win-Win Trade On A High-Yield Stock
May 1, 2018

The worst-case scenario is that you earn 4.8% in two months rather than a full 9%.

Collect A Quick 4.3% In Income From A Post-Tax Season Trade
April 26, 2018

This post-tax season bump sets us up for a low-risk, high-reward trade.

Earn 4.2 Percent Today From This Trendy Retailer
January 24, 2018

You'll also get the chance to buy this rapidly growing stock for a solid 12% discount.

I'm Expecting Another Big Year For My Income Trades
January 12, 2018

If you're looking for more income in 2018, it's time to try my wildly successful strategy.

The Only "Dogs Of The Dow" Strategy That Can Deliver Triple-Digit Gains
January 4, 2018

Over the past five years, my twist on this popular strategy has averaged gains of 73.6%. Get this year's picks.

How I'm Playing The Disney + Fox Deal
December 20, 2017

You could buy shares for a small amount of extra upside in the stock... or collect $450 instantly, like I did.

Signal: Today's Fed Hike Could Trigger Next Recession
December 13, 2017

According to this research report from Wells Fargo analysts, we could be just an hour away from the Fed triggering the next recession.

The No. 7 Drug Maker Is This Week's No. 1 Pick
December 12, 2017

Here's how you can get paid to buy this always-profitable drug maker at a discount.

How We're Trading The Chinese Social Media Boom
December 8, 2017

This is creating investment opportunities in Chinese companies that parallel early investments in U.S.-based giants.