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Technicals Say This Stock is an Immediate 'Sell'
Michael Kahn | September 29, 2016

A series of bearish reversals and breakdowns tell us the long bull run in this stock is about to come to an end.

This Bank is on the Verge of a Major Sell Signal
Michael Kahn | September 27, 2016

A breakdown below an important trendline could trigger a double-digit drop in shares.

This Stock is One Bad Day Away From a Breakdown
Michael Kahn | September 21, 2016

If shares fall through the bottom of their range, they could enter a bear market within the next month.

One of the First Stocks You Should Sell in a Correction
Michael Kahn | September 14, 2016

It's been lagging the broader market for months, and shares look poised for a double-digit drop.

Biotech Winner Less Than $1 Away From Issuing a Sell Signal
Michael Kahn | August 31, 2016

After a nearly 20% bull run, it looks like the bears are about to grab the reins in this popular stock.

Sell This Popular Income Stock Now
Michael Kahn | August 17, 2016

After a solid run, the technical evidence tells us shares are headed for a quick drop.

This Big-Cap Stock is Headed for a Big Fall
Michael Kahn | August 10, 2016

Shares are once again looking "toppy," and next week's earnings announcement could be what sets them over the edge.

America's Most-Hated Retailer is Headed for a Sell-off
Jared Levy | July 18, 2016

The bottom is about to drop out from under shares of this overpriced and out-of-fashion retailer.

This Bank Stock is Teetering on the Edge of a Breakdown
Michael Kahn | July 7, 2016

A weak stock in a weak sector in a shaky (at best) market is the perfect setup for traders looking for quick profits. 

This Stock Looks Destined for a Quick Drop
Michael Kahn | June 22, 2016

A bearish reversal in the face of broader market strength tells us this chemicals maker is in trouble.