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Investors About to Make a Mad Dash for This Group of Stocks
Amber Hestla | December 10, 2016

A surprising catalyst could spur a bull market in dividend payers. Find out why, so you can get there first.

This Blue Chip's Chart is a Red Flag for the Market
John Kosar | January 19, 2015

Recent weakness in a bellwether stock is an indication that the broader market pullback may not be over.

Chart Signals This Metals Play is Set to Rally
John Kosar | March 2, 2015

The buying opportunity I have been waiting for in an undervalued sector appears to have arrived.

Caution: These 2 Charts Warn of a January Correction
John Kosar | January 5, 2015

The market is losing upward momentum, and a number of indicators point to a near-term pullback.

Little-Known Indicator Calling for a Turning Point in the Market
Tom Vician | September 8, 2015

This indicator hit a bearish extreme seen only 10 times in the past decade. Find out what it could mean.

Rare 'Sell' Signal Saying it is Time to Short Gold
Michael J. Carr | January 16, 2013

When all three time frames of this little-known indicator agree, the market moves tend to be large. And that's happening right now.

Caution: This Market-Leading Sector's Run May be Over
John Kosar | March 23, 2015

After outperforming since the beginning of the year, it now appears over-invested and vulnerable to upcoming weakness.

Next Gold Buying Opportunity May Be Just Around the Corner
John Kosar | July 28, 2014

Recent weakness in gold is likely a temporary decline within a larger basing process. This gold ETF's chart pattern targets a 30%-plus move.

Market Outlook: The No. 1 Chart to Watch to Determine the Market's Next Big Move
Michael J. Carr | January 21, 2013

The market looks to be forming either a bullish inverse head-and-shoulders or a bearish topping pattern. This trading strategy should get into the market once one of them has been confirmed.

The Major Warning Flag Most Investors are Missing
Jared Levy | July 15, 2015

This often-overlooked metric is at its highest level since the dot-com bubble. Find out what it could mean for your portfolio.