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Evidence for a Pullback is Mounting
John Kosar | December 19, 2016

More signs point to a corrective decline between now and early next year before the market can continue higher.

3 Ways to Make the Biggest Contrarian Bet of the Year
Joseph Hogue | February 6, 2017

By stepping back and questioning the herd's stampede in one direction, smart investors can find huge opportunities.

A Better Way to Trade in 2017
Brad Briggs | January 9, 2017

Start the new year off right with a proven way to amplify your gains without taking on too much risk.

Don't Panic, the Bull Market Isn't Over Yet
Brad Briggs | May 23, 2017

Ignore what's happening in Washington for the time being. Here's what's propelling the bull market at these late stages...

This Chart Offers a Clue to the Market's Next Move
John Kosar | November 16, 2015

A key level in the VIX can give traders an early read on the market's next potential move.

The Only Indicator You Need to Beat the Market
Michael J. Carr | August 15, 2012

This simple trading strategy can deliver reliable, market-breaking returns… here's what the indicator is flashing now.

Waning Bullish Momentum May be Signaling a Top
John Kosar | December 27, 2016

The market is overdue for a pullback, and I have one more indicator to add to the list of warning signs.

The Most Important Stock to Watch This Month Is...
John Kosar | September 2, 2014

A sustained decline below its 200-day moving average could be a sign that seasonal weakness is emerging.

The Most Important Blue-Chip Stock to Watch This Week
John Kosar | December 22, 2014

If shares of this multinational conglomerate break down from important support, it would carry negative implications for the entire market.

How Much Higher Can Stocks Go Before a Correction?
John Kosar | December 12, 2016

The market is overdue for a pullback, but a bullish chart pattern suggests it can advance another...