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Evidence for a Pullback is Mounting
John Kosar | December 19, 2016

More signs point to a corrective decline between now and early next year before the market can continue higher.

3 Ways to Make the Biggest Contrarian Bet of the Year
Joseph Hogue | February 6, 2017

By stepping back and questioning the herd's stampede in one direction, smart investors can find huge opportunities.

A Better Way to Trade in 2017
Brad Briggs | January 9, 2017

Start the new year off right with a proven way to amplify your gains without taking on too much risk.

Don't Panic, the Bull Market Isn't Over Yet
Brad Briggs | May 23, 2017

Ignore what's happening in Washington for the time being. Here's what's propelling the bull market at these late stages...

The Only Indicator You Need to Beat the Market
Michael J. Carr | August 15, 2012

This simple trading strategy can deliver reliable, market-breaking returns… here's what the indicator is flashing now.

This Chart Offers a Clue to the Market's Next Move
John Kosar | November 16, 2015

A key level in the VIX can give traders an early read on the market's next potential move.

Waning Bullish Momentum May be Signaling a Top
John Kosar | December 27, 2016

The market is overdue for a pullback, and I have one more indicator to add to the list of warning signs.

The Most Important Stock to Watch This Month Is...
John Kosar | September 2, 2014

A sustained decline below its 200-day moving average could be a sign that seasonal weakness is emerging.

How Much Higher Can Stocks Go Before a Correction?
John Kosar | December 12, 2016

The market is overdue for a pullback, but a bullish chart pattern suggests it can advance another...

The Most Important Blue-Chip Stock to Watch This Week
John Kosar | December 22, 2014

If shares of this multinational conglomerate break down from important support, it would carry negative implications for the entire market.