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Get Ready to Jump on the Next Buying Opportunity
John Kosar | November 21, 2016

Several signs point to a near-term pullback before new highs can be sustained -- and investors should capitalize on it.

Investors in Risk-On Mode, but Watch for Speed Bumps
John Kosar | November 14, 2016

Stocks staged a violent bullish reversal last week, but low volatility warns of a pullback before new highs. 

Will It Be Smooth Sailing Into Year End?
John Kosar | November 7, 2016

The market is at a major decision point, but a number of factors now point to higher stock prices.

Bears May Wait Till After the Election to Strike
John Kosar | October 31, 2016

The market is vulnerable to a deeper decline, but seasonality tells us it's not likely to occur for another week or two.

Why Traders Should be Extra Cautious This Week
John Kosar | October 24, 2016

Should we get a market rally, both volatility and seasonality are warning traders not to chase it.

This Indicator Warns a Deeper Decline is Coming
John Kosar | October 17, 2016

Stocks are vulnerable to more weakness as long as an important volatility indicator remains above a key level.

This Market Needs a Good Scare
John Kosar | October 10, 2016

Low volatility is putting an invisible ceiling on the stock market, and there's only one way to remedy it.

Only the Short-Term Forecast Looks Bearish
John Kosar | October 3, 2016

While the intermediate-term outlook is more positive, a number of factors warn downside risk currently exceeds upside potential.

Charts Say Beware of the Week Ahead
John Kosar | September 26, 2016

Record low volatility and 60 years of seasonality data are telling investors to be on the defensive here.

4 Major Factors Warn the Market Decline Isn't Over
John Kosar | September 19, 2016

Apple may have saved the market last week, but the bigger forces at play are telling traders to be cautious.