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The Last Time This "Bullet-Proof" Tech Stock Missed Expectations, it Fell 58%
Adam Lass | July 7, 2011

Here's what it is and how to leverage the next tumble…

Traders Could Make a Quick 100% When This Bubble Bursts
Michael J. Carr | January 17, 2013

A pinpoint timing indicator shows this bubble is ready to pop, and traders who act now could see triple-digit profits.

I'm Worried About Small-Cap Stocks -- Here's How We'll Profit
Jared Levy | April 20, 2017

What many investors don't realize is that a "best-case scenario" is already built into their prices.

The 60% Alibaba Play No One is Talking About
Jared Levy | September 19, 2014

Investors are looking for the best way to profit from this record-setting e-commerce juggernaut. This may be it.

No. 3 Chicken Producer Is My No. 1 Food Stock
Jared Levy | June 30, 2014

Chicken has surpassed beef to become the most consumed meat in the U.S. This trade could net you 42% in the next three months.

This Stock's Chart is Screaming Oversold -- Go Long Now!
Jared Levy | September 12, 2014

With fundamentals bullish, the recent decline appears overdone with shares ready for a bounce.

No. 2 U.S. Pharmacy is My No. 1 Pick Based on the Charts
Jared Levy | October 13, 2014

The Ebola scare and flu season should give shares a boost, but what really has me excited about this trade is a pending technical breakout.

No. 4 Auto Insurer Is My No. 1 Sector Pick
Jared Levy | July 7, 2014

This company is stealing market share from competitors, and the stock looks poised for a breakout that could return 61%.

OPEC's Lies and a Big Crack Spread Create 31% Opportunity
Jared Levy | April 5, 2017

For today's target company, there are several key underlying facts that all should have a bullish effect on price, enough to generate 31% gains by mid-summer.

What Everyone Is Missing About UPS's Recent Earnings Beat
Jared Levy | May 12, 2017

While the headlines are focused on UPS's earnings beat, I've uncovered some major issues the company is facing...