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Make a Quick Profit as China Pulls Out the Big Guns
Joseph Hogue | September 14, 2015

All signs point to China's government stepping in with stimulus, which could send its market zooming higher again

This Investor Favorite Looks Ready to Take a Dive
Joseph Hogue | September 4, 2015

A sky-high valuation and numerous bearish catalysts spell trouble for this athletic apparel maker.

This Hedge Could Land Traders Huge Profits -- If They Act Now
Joseph Hogue | August 17, 2015

It could be a year or a few months before a correction hits, but I want some protection in place now.

Turn This Overlooked Stock's Plunge Into Big Profits
Joseph Hogue | July 10, 2015

This semiconductor supplier is set for a post-earnings tumble thanks to weakness in the industry.

Generate 18X More Than the Buy-and-Hold Crowd
Joseph Hogue | June 29, 2015

Traders can amplify a small move in a U.S. automaker into big profits with this simple strategy.

A Small Bet on Natural Gas Could Make Traders Big Profits
Joseph Hogue | June 22, 2015

A price move few people are expecting could result in big-time gains for traders willing to make a play now.

Insanely Oversold Stock Could Deliver Another Massive Gain
Jared Levy | June 15, 2015

A previous trade delivered an annualized return of more than 700%. I'm even more bullish on the stock this time.

Global Bond Sell-off Could Yield Big Profits This Summer
Joseph Hogue | June 8, 2015

Traders can take advantage of a powerful strategy to minimize losses while amplifying potential returns.

This Wildly Overvalued Stock is Set to Plunge
Jared Levy | May 22, 2015

A sell-off should bring its astronomical valuations back down to Earth. Here's how to profit.

A Small Bet on Oil's Rebound Could Land Traders Big Profits
Joseph Hogue | May 8, 2015

With some major upside catalysts on the horizon, it's time to get positioned in front of the herd.