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Latest YUM Analysis

Alan Knuckman | December 7, 2012

Despite a sharp pullback, the uptrend in this stock remains intact. Traders who get in now could cash out with triple-digit gains.

Melvin Pasternak | October 22, 2012

Which Western food brand is most dominant in China? You may be surprised by the answer. And both the technicals and fundamentals point to double-digit growth for this company and its stock.

Deborah O'Malley | October 19, 2012

Even after making such a big move in the past three years, both the technicals and fundamentals point to further growth ahead for this pizza chain.

Michael J. Carr | August 9, 2012

With an average dinner tab costing $24 per person, consumers are likely to pass on this restaurant chain. And investors should too, unless they plan to short it.