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Michael J. Carr... | November 8, 2013

All of the bearish news stories may actually be bullish for stocks. These 10 trades should allow investors to profit from the trend.

Alan Knuckman | October 17, 2012

If this defensive stock can trade back to its recent highs, investors could net an 8% profit, but a stock substitution strategy could make you more than seven times that amount.

Jim Woods | July 31, 2012

In the past couple of years, these "boring" investments have become some of the hottest stocks on Wall Street. Using these 2 ETFs, you can easily trade this growing trend.

Deborah O'Malley | June 2, 2011

This dividend champion just hit an all-time high. With no technical resistance in sight, this high-yielder could be a profitable trading opportunity -- and a dividend investor's dream.