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The Indicator That Defies Everything You Know About Value Investing
Tom Vician | May 6, 2016

Investors have been conditioned to buy "cheap" stocks, but this momentum indicator is proof that's a mistake.

Wyckoff: Absorption and Distribution
Corey Rosenbloom | July 7, 2011

Here's a trading lesson from one of Wall Streets best traders, Richard Wyckoff, and how to apply it today.

One Indicator That Will Help You Beat Volatile Markets…
Chris Mayer | January 3, 2012

The stock market volatility we saw in 2011 is far from over... You might save yourself the headache in 2012 by using this indicator to help navigate your portfolio during a rocky market.

This Unique Volatility Indicator Provides a Tradable Edge in All Markets

We tested this indicator on U.S. stocks, seven markets overseas, currencies and futures, and found it offered an opportunity to profit in each.

The Indicator That Could Keep You From Getting Fooled by 'Cheap' Stocks
Michael J. Carr | June 21, 2013

Adding this technical indicator to P/E ratios could help you avoid buying when low values are actually too high.

Stop Putting Your Trust in These Popular Indicators
Michael J. Carr | July 9, 2013

These overbought/oversold indicators are often incorrectly applied to market analysis. Don't make the same mistake so many traders do.

3 "Turning Point" Trading Tips
Greg Guenthner | April 27, 2012

These three tips can help traders use the market’s collective insanity to your advantage.

Bearish Divergence: This Widely Accepted 'Sell' Signal is a Fallacy
Michael J. Carr | May 24, 2013

Some analysts point to it as a warning of a decline, but testing shows it doesn't offer any more information than a random coin toss.

Could This Indicator Help Protect Your Investments Against Fraud?

Claims of fraudulent accounting pushed a high-flying stock down more than 50% in a few hours. We discovered there are some steps you can take to protect your wealth against this risk.

Measure and Invest in Market Fear With a Smile
Abe Cofnas | October 17, 2011

Looking at volatility "smile" patterns indicate a war between bullish and bearish sentiment.