Technical Indicators

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Advance-Decline Line: Simple Breadth Indicator Can Be Used to Spot Trend Reversals
Michael J. Carr | January 18, 2013

This technical indicator is used to confirm price trends or spot reversals with divergences.

Rate of Change: Versatile Indicator Helps Spot Turning Points
Michael J. Carr | April 9, 2013

This technical indicator is useful in identifying potential reversals, bubbles and low-risk entry points for trades.

A Simple Fix to a Common Trading Pitfall Offered an Outstanding Win Rate
Amber Hestla | January 16, 2015

When you use the same indicators as everyone else, you can't expect to beat the market. Find out how one little-known tool led to big returns.


Indicator That Blew Away the Market in 2015 Signals 'Buy' Again
Frank Bermea | November 9, 2015

We developed an indicator that has pegged some of the stock market's biggest winners. This one could be next.

Average Directional Index: Unique Indicator Helps Traders Avoid 'Dead Money' Stocks
Michael J. Carr | April 2, 2013

This is one of the few tools a trader has to objectively identify trends and can help them limit trades in securities that have little volatility and low potential profitability.

This Indicator Makes Value Investing Obsolete
Frank Bermea | October 9, 2015

This strategy shouldn't work based on everything we've been told about investing. Yet, it's been proven to significantly beat the market.

How to Spot Stocks With the Biggest Rally Potential After a Sell-off
Tom Vician | July 16, 2015

As you search for buy candidates during a market decline, this is what to look for. 

Little-Known Indicator Signals 'Buy' While Investors Are Running Scared

This reliable volatility indicator helps traders to identify when investor psychology is shifting and get on the right side of major moves.

Divergences, Fibonacci, and Structure in Gold
Corey Rosenbloom | November 9, 2011

Make sure to note these key technical levels for the price of gold.

Directional Movement Index: Indicator Offers Simple, Logical Trading Strategy
Michael J. Carr | April 2, 2013

The technical indicator can be used as a standalone strategy or offer valuable input in a trading system.