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Stop Putting Your Trust in These Popular Indicators
Michael J. Carr | July 9, 2013

These overbought/oversold indicators are often incorrectly applied to market analysis. Don't make the same mistake so many traders do.

RSI: Indicator Helps Traders Get on the Right Side of Major Market Moves
Michael J. Carr | July 3, 2013

The popular and highly reliable Relative Strength Index is used to spot oversold and overbought markets.

This One Indicator Could Help You Make Enough to Trade for a Living

Trading can lead to big profits, but it requires the right investment vehicles and the right risk management strategies.

The Indicator That Could Keep You From Getting Fooled by 'Cheap' Stocks
Michael J. Carr | June 21, 2013

Adding this technical indicator to P/E ratios could help you avoid buying when low values are actually too high.

This Unique Volatility Indicator Provides a Tradable Edge in All Markets

We tested this indicator on U.S. stocks, seven markets overseas, currencies and futures, and found it offered an opportunity to profit in each.

This Indicator Might Be the Most Useful Timing Tool You've Never Heard Of

Traders use a number of indicators, but most don't work. I regularly use this indicator in Income Trader when I search for the best options to sell each week.

Bearish Divergence: This Widely Accepted 'Sell' Signal is a Fallacy
Michael J. Carr | May 24, 2013

Some analysts point to it as a warning of a decline, but testing shows it doesn't offer any more information than a random coin toss.

This Moving Average Strategy Beats Buy and Hold by Nearly 3-to-1
Michael J. Carr | May 24, 2013

Not only did testing show that this was the best moving average for timing trades, it also returned significantly more than a buy-and-hold strategy.

Relative Strength: Stock-Ranking System Shown to Deliver Market-Beating Returns

This indicator allows traders to compare the performance of an investment against all other investments in the market.

Rate of Change: Versatile Indicator Helps Spot Turning Points
Michael J. Carr | April 9, 2013

This technical indicator is useful in identifying potential reversals, bubbles and low-risk entry points for trades.