Technical Indicators

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This Indicator Makes Value Investing Obsolete
Frank Bermea | October 9, 2015

This strategy shouldn't work based on everything we've been told about investing. Yet, it's been proven to significantly beat the market.

How to Spot Stocks With the Biggest Rally Potential After a Sell-off
Tom Vician | July 16, 2015

As you search for buy candidates during a market decline, this is what to look for. 

A Powerful Indicator Most Traders Have Never Heard Of
Tom Vician | June 3, 2015

It can be used to anticipate strength and weakness in markets and specific sectors. See what it's signaling now.

Are You Ignoring This Predictive Stock Indicator?
Tom Vician | May 8, 2015

Your performance could be suffering if you're not using this proven technical tool.

The Award-Winning Strategy That Led to 86 Straight Wins
Amber Hestla | March 18, 2015

Not only was it proven to deliver twice the average annual return of a buy-and-hold strategy, but it has led to a perfect track record.

A Simple Fix to a Common Trading Pitfall Offered an Outstanding Win Rate
Amber Hestla | January 16, 2015

When you use the same indicators as everyone else, you can't expect to beat the market. Find out how one little-known tool led to big returns.


This Technical Indicator May be the Simplest Way to Pick Winning Stocks
Jim Woods | September 20, 2014

This ranking can tell you more about the likelihood of future performance than any fundamental ratio or so-called "valuation" metric you will ever use.

Little-Known Indicator Signals 'Buy' While Investors Are Running Scared

This reliable volatility indicator helps traders to identify when investor psychology is shifting and get on the right side of major moves.

Could This Indicator Help Protect Your Investments Against Fraud?

Claims of fraudulent accounting pushed a high-flying stock down more than 50% in a few hours. We discovered there are some steps you can take to protect your wealth against this risk.

Bollinger Bands - Adaptive Overbought/Oversold Indicator is a Better Timing Tool
Michael J. Carr | July 22, 2013

Rather than using arbitrary levels to define high and low values, these take into account market action.