Trading Systems

Carry Trade: Free Interest on Leveraged Money

Interest rates can have a major effect on how certain currency pairs are traded. For some traders looking at a long term trade, the practice of collecting rollover comes into effect. Rollover is when interest is figured out between the currency pairs… Read More

Reduce Your Risk of Ruin

  You’ve done the research. The stock looks like a solid breakout trade — it’s time to log onto your brokerage website and place a limit order… Do you know how big of a position you should be taking? That’s not just… Read More

Get Tactical to Keep Your Profits in This Market

It’s time to forget being practical about your portfolio. Practical advice — the tried and true suggestions like “buy what you know” and “invest in value” — are great strategies much of the time. They’re investment philosophies that have historically made folks a lot of money in the stock… Read More