Trading Systems

The Best Timing Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Trading is a competitive. Every stock trade has a winner and a loser. And you won’t gain an edge trading solely with well-known indicators that everyone else uses. One of my favorite, lesser-known indicators is the Momentum of Comparative Strength (MoCS). For those of you who are unfamiliar with this… Read More

What to do When A Stock Breaks Out

WOW! A breakout of a base let’s BUY BUY BUY right? Not so fast.  Before you just get... Read More

WOW! A breakout of a base let’s BUY BUY BUY right? Not so fast.  Before you just get impulsive look at the chart below that really shows the breakout action. As you can see, you had all of... Read More

Trading Success is Easier When You Manage Risk

Traders love giving advice like, “let your winners run and cut your losses.” That is about the same as saying “buy stocks when they go up and sell them when they go down.” Neither piece of advice tells you how to accomplish the goal of maximizing gains and minimizing losses. Read More

Winning with Stocks Begins Here

On an otherwise beautiful autumn day in 2008, a novice investor named Chris watched one of his very first stock purchases lose nearly a quarter of its value in just one day. A financial crisis brewed on Wall Street. Read More

3 Tricks for Small Account Traders

If you’re trading with $10,000 or less, you need to follow my 3 simple tricks to help you quickly and safely grow your profits.   It’s a fact: a majority of traders lose money. Many of these failures are new traders starting with $10,000 or less. They end up blowing… Read More