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2 Simple Rules Help Avoid Portfolio Disasters

Like position sizing, “sell” rules are one of the most underrated, ignored and overlooked areas of investing. You can find nearly anyone giving their opinion on whether to buy this stock or that stock. But when it comes to actually selling a position, you’ll often hear nothing but… Read More

How I Plan to Uncover 2016’s Best Stocks

It’s almost time to close the books on 2015, and I have no doubt many investors are frustrated. The market has suffered sickening bouts of volatility with very little to show for it — the S&P 500 is up just 1.5% year to date. Of course, there are… Read More

A Time-Tested Way to Consistently Make Outsized Gains

If you want to start an argument, find adherents of technical analysis and adherents of fundamental analysis and ask them which investing approach is better. The technical analysts will tell you a close read of a company’s financial statements won’t help you know whether a stock represents a… Read More

The Key to Huge Gains During Earnings Season Without Added Risk

Four times a year, companies report their financial results and investors score their performance in real time with real money. Those that impress can see shares soar, while those that disappoint may suffer losses and even gap down through investors’ protective sell stops. Bottom line: Earnings season is the most… Read More

How to Pick Stocks on the Verge of a Breakout

After graduating college, I had a strong desire to learn the investment business. So I found an entry-level position supporting two of the largest retail and institutional brokers within the Merrill Lynch organization. They were incredibly successful, and the role allowed me a bird’s-eye view of a major swath of… Read More