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Anyone following the market via their broker’s recommendations would understandably not think very highly of energy stocks. Fortunately, we have charts to follow what the market, not the analysts, has to say. And right now, the charts of numerous oil refiners look to be on the verge of… Read More

The biotech sector scored a short-term breakout last week, and the bullishness spread to its larger, more established cousins, the big pharmaceutical stocks.  While most of these drugmakers have been strong of late, they have not broken out on their charts. However, one lagging stock in the group, GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:… Read More

With interest rates still in decline, the stodgy, old utilities sector is leading the pack.  Of course, with a more than 20% gain under its belt since early December, it’s unlikely the Dow Jones Utility Average can sustain its recent pace. After all, utilities are not likely to… Read More

Pundits fall all over themselves trying to pick stocks that will beat the market. However, in the current market environment it seems traditional filters are not working the way we would normally expect. Success today requires thinking outside the box and a different type of strategy — one… Read More

One of the most explosive formations in technical analysis is called the “flag.” The pattern consists of a nearly straight-up price advance followed by a consolidation, which usually takes the form of a pennant or small rectangle. Technical analysis holds that a stock typically leaves a consolidation formation… Read More