Stocks & ETFs to Buy

BOOM!!! I knew this might happen… Sometimes you find a company you’re absolutely in love with… You’ve done your research, bought at a good price, you’re already up big, and then… BOOM!!! That company gets acquired by a larger player in the space. That’s exactly what happened last week, when… Read More

There are very few edges left in the stock market. The tremendous amount of money, talent, and strategies combined to create a nearly efficient market that is exceedingly difficult to beat consistently. Add in structural changes like tightening spreads, decimalization, and high-frequency trading machines, and the stock market becomes a… Read More

A diversified portfolio is essential to long-term investment success. That’s because a well-thought-out strategy helps investors earn consistent returns. And it reduces overall portfolio risk. But there’s more to diversification than adding different asset classes to a portfolio. Investors need a balanced approach to diversification. And this need goes well… Read More

Last year, I wrote a somewhat bearish article on the long-term price of oil. While I am sticking to my guns long-term, a recent research piece published by Confluence Investment Management’s Bill O’Grady (one of the best energy analysts) sets a near-term bullish tone for the price of crude and… Read More

Legal cannabis is already the fastest growing industry in North America. North American cannabis sales jumped 30% in 2017, a repeat of 2016’s stunning gain. #-ad_banner-# While that’s impressive on its own, the pace of growth is about to accelerate… Read More

The February stock market rout created a tremendous opportunity for long-term investors. Everyone is asking which stocks make sense for the rest of 2018 and beyond. The following five stocks are my favorite large-cap names to incorporate into the buy-and-hold segment of your portfolio. 1. United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS)… Read More