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Mosaic has had a pretty sharp sell-off going back to a decent demand level from October 2010. Monday’s trading formed a small hammer formation as well as a bullish harami, lending me to believe… Read More

#-ad_banner-#When President Obama’s armored limousine got stuck in Ireland this May as it exited the U.S. embassy, it was this towing company’s equipment that freed his vehicle, known affectionately as “The Beast.” Since receiving the president’s nod, Miller Industries (NYSE: MLR) — the world’s leading towing and… Read More

While conducting a live trading event at the Dallas traders expo on Wednesday, I stumbled across this stock while discussing scanning techniques. I really like this as a potential short swing trade. We have seen 3 days of bearish candles and all… Read More

This stock’s story started in 1972 with a nagging stomachache. To ward off chronic discomfort, a Utah school teacher put a spoonful of cayenne pepper into an easy-to-swallow gelatin capsule. He felt immediate relief, but perhaps more importantly realized his remedy also had business potential. Shortly after,… Read More

I love the climactic sell off that Zumiez has experienced over the last week! You can almost feel the pain on the part of the longs! While I don’t know if this is going to be the ultimate stopping point for this sell off, I do think that we will… Read More

Sometimes the talking heads and pundits in the media don’t let facts get in the way of the financial narrative they want. Their daily drive for drama intentionally plays on traders’ emotions for audience ratings. Watching, listening or reading the often-misguided over-analysis of happenings that drive markets is entertainment designed… Read More