Options Strategies

Earlier this year, I made the case to readers of my premium options service, Profit Amplifier, that a market correction could happen sometime this year. Just a few months later, that time has come. I recently warned investors about trouble brewing in Russia and China, and I was on the… Read More

Construct a game plan, and I promise you will become a better investor. With proper planning and perseverance, Profitable Trading’s Jared Levy was making $600,000 a year trading by the time he was 18. He was also one of the youngest-ever members of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. But without goals… Read More

Income investments are an important portion of any retirement portfolio. Historically, they’ve provided retirees monthly or quarterly income distributions to help cover expenses, health care and any other living expenses. The other morning I was perusing a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney report that outlined four… Read More

You would be shocked to know how many accepted “facts” in the financial world are simply not true.  For example, you may have been told that asset allocation — the amount of your portfolio you dedicate to stocks, bonds, etc. — is more important to your future returns than stock… Read More