Options Strategies

How to ‘Steal’ From Wall Street Legally

I want to share a little-known strategy with you today that’s almost like you’re stealing from Wall Street’s profits. To explain it, allow me to use a casino analogy. Every day, people walk through the casino’s doors seeking that one big payout. Sure, a few hit the jackpot,… Read More

The Market is About to Get Crazy — Are You Ready?

The market is about to get crazy. Over the next month, stocks both large and small are going to be volatile. They’ll bounce around 10%, 20%, even 35% or more in a single day. This “volatility season” was built into the financial system over 80 years ago by the U.S… Read More

This Indicator Helped Me Pocket $795 Instantly

In a recent article, I detailed the first part of my two-part income strategy (if you missed that issue, you can read it here). In simple terms, my strategy helps you collect extra payments from some of the best stocks on the market — in addition to dividends… Read More

The Easiest Way I Know to Pocket Hundreds Every Week

Every investor wants to generate more income — and do so more quickly. But how do you accomplish this without taking on extra risk? There’s a simple solution, but I bet only 1% of individual investors are doing it right now. It’s not a complex trading strategy that involves a… Read More

Attention: Prepare for the Next Market Storm Now

The bull market lasted more than five years. Then stocks traded sideways near their all-time highs for a few months. Suddenly, the S&P 500 fell around 20% within a few weeks… You might think I’m describing the recent market action, but I am actually talking about 1962. What happened then… Read More

How to Juice Your Returns With No Extra Work

I’m sure you think of option traders and long-term mutual fund investors as being at the opposite ends of the trading spectrum — and they are. But option traders can actually learn a great deal from long-term mutual fund investors.  Because they invest for the long term, mutual… Read More

How You Can Get Paid Thousands to Not Own Stocks

The market finally got its long-awaited correction as the S&P 500 plummeted 11% in just four days. Global growth concerns and currency wars sent shockwaves throughout the world’s marketplaces, sparing almost nothing. Even before the recent market crash, this has been one of the toughest markets in years… Read More