Market Analysis

This week’s chart shows how Warren Buffett is falling even farther behind gold.   Back in April, we noted that despite gold’s “real money” attributes… its vital role as “crisis insurance”… and its giant uptrend, the metal still has detractors. One of the highest profile detractors is superinvestor… Read More

As we await the Friday Non-Farm Payroll “Jobs” Report, let’s take a quick check-up of the main reference levels to watch in the cross-market landscape at the moment. Let’s draw our attention to the S&P 500 and then see how the intermarket environment rests currently:… Read More

Investing in stocks in 2011? Sadly, that’s not where the action has been. For the most part, the biggest gains for the year have been reaped in precious metals, energy and agriculture. Plain old equities are on track for forgettable year after posting stunning gains in the prior two years. Read More

After suffering one of the most brutal selloffs of the past few years, the stock market is a stretched rubber band ready to snap back.   Markets are like runners. They can’t run flat-out in one direction without taking at… Read More

Given today’s commentary from Chris Weber, it’s worth updating our big “myth busting” idea regarding the pan-European currency: the euro.   Most folks don’t realize that the nations of Europe form a larger economy than the United States’. Europe is… Read More