Market Analysis

News of Greece’s debt and European contagion again dominated the headlines on Friday. The Euro broke major confluence chart support and is currently in free-fall… but what is the current structure saying and what are the current levels to watch as a reference? Let’s take a look, starting with the… Read More

The European debt crisis isn’t just taking the euro lower in terms of gold… it’s also resolving the troubled currency‘s “compressed” situation… to the downside.   Last month, we highlighted the euro’s “compressed” state… a situation where an… Read More

Today’s chart is another update on the euro crisis…   In yesterday’s edition, we looked at the gruesome downtrend in shares of Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank (DB). And we noted how the European debt disease has spread from troubled “outer” states… Read More

Today’s chart shows how it’s “boom times in Iowa”… And our warning to dictators still stands.   Several times this year, we’ve highlighted how one of the great fears of the world’s dictators is a big spike in food prices. The average Joe – whether he lives in… Read More