Market Analysis

We’ve been hearing a lot of attention – as usual – on the Financial sector (particularly in Europe), so let’s take a brief moment to see the key chart/trading levels we’re watching on the popular XLF Financial Sector ETF and then peek at the wild 3x leveraged financial funds FAS… Read More

Things just keep getting worse for clean energy stocks… the firms we often say are, “perfectly hedged.”   Clean energy stocks are popular with novice investors. After all, they often have wonderful “stories.” But most of them are such terrible businesses, we can say they are “perfectly hedged.”… Read More

Earlier this week, stocks came perilously close to a freefall. But instead of breaking down Monday morning, small-cap stocks — along with the market at-large — showed signs of life when it counted: Russell 2000 Small Cap… Read More

The ups and downs of this market are enough to make you seasick. Today, I want to share a preview of what to expect in this new month… With all of the market flux we’ve seen in the last several weeks, it’s… Read More