Charts & Patterns

Markets moving strongly in one direction or the other make trading look easy and seems to offer the key to vast wealth. Unfortunately, markets spend most of the time trading within relatively narrow ranges that can frustrate traders. Knowing how to trade… Read More

The bulls are making their first major stand in weeks. Almost three quarters of all stocks trading on US exchanges advanced by midday Tuesday. It was truly a rising tide that lifted all ships. It prompted shorts to cover and sold-out bulls to dive headfirst into new… Read More

I just noticed this … I used to trade Wolfe Waves with another trader out of Mon­tana.  I took Bill Wolfe’s course and worked on this trad­ing method dili­gently.  In fact, it was trad­ing Wolfe Waves that got me deep into Wyckoff’s work.  At the 5-point in… Read More