Charts & Patterns

I’m a huge believer that “history repeats,” and one can often see similar situations developing now that formed in the past. True, nothing repeats with exactitude, but you can often learn lessons – mainly about assumptions and outcomes – from studying similar chart formations that have developed in the past. Read More

Previously, I explained what a “Creeper Trend” is, how it develops, and – if you’re willing to feel uncomfortable – how to trade it (it’s not your typical trade set-up). I wanted to follow-up that lesson with a great example of a “Creeper Trend” formation (trade entry),… Read More

Many traders report difficulty in trading “Creeper Trends” or “Oozing Trends” that neither give reversal signals nor safe entry signals. Let’s take a quick look at the @ES (S&P 500) and @CL (Crude Oil) Futures contracts to see the overnight action that… Read More

When learning to trade certain patterns or trade set-ups, it’s best to start with “ideal” real-world examples to understand the logic of the set-up. Doing so allows us to recognize similar patterns or set-ups in real time as they develop, which calls us into trading action (entry,… Read More

Markets moving strongly in one direction or the other make trading look easy and seems to offer the key to vast wealth. Unfortunately, markets spend most of the time trading within relatively narrow ranges that can frustrate traders. Knowing how to trade… Read More