Charts & Patterns

I’m a huge believer that “history repeats,” and one can often see similar situations developing now that formed in the past. True, nothing repeats with exactitude, but you can often learn lessons – mainly about assumptions and outcomes – from studying similar chart formations that have developed in the past. Read More

Previously, I explained what a “Creeper Trend” is, how it develops, and – if you’re willing to feel uncomfortable – how to trade it (it’s not your typical trade set-up). I wanted to follow-up that lesson with a great example of a “Creeper Trend” formation (trade entry),… Read More

Many traders report difficulty in trading “Creeper Trends” or “Oozing Trends” that neither give reversal signals nor safe entry signals. Let’s take a quick look at the @ES (S&P 500) and @CL (Crude Oil) Futures contracts to see the overnight action that… Read More

When learning to trade certain patterns or trade set-ups, it’s best to start with “ideal” real-world examples to understand the logic of the set-up. Doing so allows us to recognize similar patterns or set-ups in real time as they develop, which calls us into trading action (entry,… Read More