Charts & Patterns

If you follow one simple chart, you will have the chance to double your trading gains.   I’m not talking about a one-time boost to your brokerage account, either. If you follow the chart I’m about to reveal, you will have the opportunity to quickly and permanently improve your trading… Read More

If you’re just starting out as a trader, the sheer number of technical analysis patterns can be downright overwhelming. With literally hundreds of patterns to look for anytime you analyze a chart, it’s no surprise that new technical traders often suffer from… Read More

Today’s piece is the fourth in our year-end series on the dangers of a “super-concentrated” portfolio. It shows how the correlation bogeyman has even grabbed ahold of trees.   Owning productive timberland has traditionally been a great portfolio diversifier. Trees don’t care about a “flash crash” or the Nasdaq, they… Read More

  When you’re studying a price chart to assess trading opportunities, what is your eye drawn to first? Is it the indicators?  Is it moving averages?  How about candles? #-ad_banner-#And when you are looking to put on a trade, are you taking a moment to address the context in which… Read More