Call & Put Option Sells

It’s funny how market opportunities seem to repeat themselves. I remember talking to a coworker in late 2011 about how investors were not giving Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) the credit it deserved for its assets. Shares were trading just under $16 then and the stock was one of… Read More

When a stock appeals to investors looking for safety and income, it usually won’t get much attention from growth investors. That’s because when a company is focused on returning money to its investors through dividends and buybacks, it usually doesn’t have the growth opportunities to take the share… Read More

With respect to Bernie Sanders supporters, it’s beginning to look like Hillary Clinton will walk away with the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. All five polls tracked by website Real Clear Politics (RCP) give her the advantage. And while the Republican Party has tried to unite against Donald Trump’s… Read More

There is blood in the streets in the energy sector.  Oil- and gas-related stocks have been pummeled for the better part of the past year and a half. Yet, economists and analysts continue to lower their forecasts for energy prices and downgrade stocks in the group.  The latest… Read More