Call & Put Option Sells

For more than five years, the mantra for investing has been, “Don’t fight the Fed.” Despite weak revenue growth and geopolitical crises, continuous calls for a correction have proven foolish and the market has surged 200% since its 2009 bottom.  The reason is simple. As the chart below… Read More

While food companies have a reputation for good cash flow and stable earnings, the short term can be volatile.  Agricultural prices have a tendency to surge on weather or other events, causing a steep increase in production only to be followed by a precipitous drop in prices as the increased… Read More

Back in 2012, Stephanie Pomboy, founder of MacroMavens, made a rather scary prediction in a Barron’s interview. She called for the end of fiat money and a return to gold as the backing of global monetary value. The argument wasn’t an uncommon one at the time. Central banks… Read More