Call & Put Option Buys

The Chinese government’s crackdown on corruption, increased high-roller scrutiny and a partial smoking ban have put a serious damper on the Asian gambling mecca of Macau. Gaming revenue in the former Portuguese colony fell for the eighth consecutive month in January, down 17.4% year over year. February is expected to… Read More

One of my favorite investing tactics is to target stocks that are fundamentally solid but get hit hard when investors overact to news stories. Russia’s ban on U.S. chicken and oversupply concerns helped knock the United States’ third-largest poultry processor 25% off its summer highs. I recommended a bullish options… Read More

Plummeting oil prices may have grabbed the most headlines in 2014, but across the board, commodity prices declined. And commodity-related stocks followed suit to the detriment of many traders. Today’s pick is positioned to exploit growing global food consumption no matter what happens to commodity prices. Shares rallied 18% in… Read More

As analysts debate over when oil prices will find a bottom, crude continues to plunge. While traders are chasing the sell-off in “Texas Tea,” there is a perfect bearish storm brewing in another popular commodity. Traders who get positioned now stand to make 32% in the next few months. While… Read More