Call & Put Option Buys

This Could be the Contrarian Play of the Year

Two of the most important lessons I’ve learned in more than 20 years of professional analysis and trading are:  1. The market nearly always overreacts, and  2. Investors are blind to the writing on the wall when fundamentals turn.  And I’m glad this is the case, because betting against… Read More

Major Market Disconnect Sets Up Bullish Oil Trade

There’s a huge disconnect in the market right now… and it has created an even bigger opportunity. So far in 2015, oil prices have plunged 16%. Yet, during that same time period, fuel prices have jumped 6%. History shows we can make a 69% gain in the coming… Read More

How I’m Protecting Myself From a Nasdaq Bubble

All the talk lately is about the much belated return to 5,000 on the Nasdaq, a level not achieved since just prior to the bursting of the Internet bubble in 2000. The tech-heavy index has risen about 15% over the past year and has jumped more than 100% over the… Read More