Tom Vician

Analyst Articles

Despite the chorus of analysts and investors calling for the long-awaited correction, the market is showing some constructive bullish signs.  First, deterioration in the U.S. dollar has buoyed large-cap stocks, which are once again outperforming small caps. This removes a large headwind for the capitalization-weighted major stock indices as a… Read More

Everyone makes money investing by following a trend.  Whether your time horizon is minutes or months, a financial instrument must move in your favor to be profitable. It is that simple.  So finding an indicator to measure trend is critical to your success. There’s… Read More

After graduating college, I had a strong desire to learn the investment business. So I found an entry-level position supporting two of the largest retail and institutional brokers within the Merrill Lynch organization. They were incredibly successful, and the role allowed me a bird’s-eye view of a major swath of… Read More

Bottom fishing in beaten-down equities is a popular strategy. The lower a stock goes, the greater its value may seem. A big decline can be especially appealing when it occurs in well-known, brand-name stocks.  I caution you on this approach, though. Relative strength (RS) studies have shown that underperforming stocks… Read More