Merlin Rothfeld

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Disney had a nice bounce off of a demand level from June. This isn’t the greatest trade in the world, but I am looking for short term swings, and preferably day trades during these next few days. If we can get prices above Monday’s high, then i’ll be looking for… Read More

  On a day when the market finished at lows, this stock finsihed at highs! I love strong stocks on days when the market shows weakness. If the market has a rally day, this could really have a powerful move up. Going… Read More

I am anticipating things gapping down with the pressure from the overnight sessions in Asia and... Read More

I am anticipating things gapping down with the pressure from the overnight sessions in Asia and Europe tonight. With my unwillingness to take a stance in this market for a few days, i am looking for... Read More

The Cable has rallied over the last few weeks, right into a strong supply level from back in Late May. As price enters that level, I’m looking to short the pound with the expectation of price retreating to recent lows.    Here is how the trade sets up: Short above… Read More

Energy has really picked up a lot of steam recently, and displayed serious strength. Now the question is: Is the supply level from April very strong? Judging by what happened have on May 2nd, I think it is! This trade offers little risk and a decent amount of reward. Read More

Although not quite a shooting star by definition, the way the candle on Mondays trading formed indicates some weakness at the end of the day. This came as price filled a gap from a couple months back, a natural supply level. If price can manage to break Monday’s lows, then… Read More

The Aussie Yen cross has had a pretty sharp sell-off over the last few days. This sell off ran price right into a demand level that caused prices to bounce back up, ending with a hammer formation at demand. The fact that… Read More

Price just closed a gap going back to early June, and is showing hesitation. Shorting at this supply level offers a low risk, high reward situation. Here is how the trades sets up: Short above $39.89 Stop $40.58 Target $37.55… Read More