Melvin Pasternak

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I’ve played the stock market long enough to remember when the consensus judgment was that the computer would result in a “paperless” society and that paper makers would implode. While those doomsday predictions didn’t prove correct, it was true that paper stocks were largely dead money during the first decade… Read More

When you read this story, you may think I’m writing science fiction instead of a financial article. Imagine, however, drone helicopters scuttling across the sky, bypassing crowded streets, landing seamlessly and dropping a parcel at your front door. And doing all that in 30 minutes from the time you made… Read More

Dunkin’ Brands Group (NASDAQ: DNKN) has far outpaced the performance of the S&P year to date, gaining nearly 48% while the major index has risen about 26%. Even more exciting is that if the shares can crack round number resistance at $50, they are likely to challenge $60 in fairly… Read More