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Even though crude oil is languishing below $50 a barrel, the energy sector has been showing signs of life in the past month. Since rebounding off its late-September low, the sector has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 7 percentage points. Some oil services stocks have already… Read More

One of my favorite setups in the stock market takes advantage of the tendency for the sector tide to float most boats. Numerous studies have shown that a substantial percentage of a stock’s performance is linked to the performance of its sector or industry group.  In other words,… Read More

Even though a few big technology stocks seem to dominate the news, the real place to be lately is the consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors. Both have outperformed the market for months, even as stocks swooned across the board in late August. #-ad_banner-# The major… Read More

It seems like nostalgia looking at Nokia (NYSE: NOK) with a favorable outlook. The company is currently known to domestic investors as an also-ran cell phone maker — I am one of the rare few who own a Nokia smartphone and happen to like it very much — even though… Read More

Note: Stay tuned at the end of this article for a bonus trade that could turn a 19% drop in today’s stock into 133% gains before year end.  It is provided courtesy of options expert Jared Levy who has recommended trades that delivered annualized gains of 220%, 508%,… Read More