Jim Woods

Analyst Articles

The major indices keep hitting new all-time highs, and as a trader, that makes life pretty easy. Basically, you have a bullish tailwind at your back that can forgive your loser picks, while at the same time helping your winners move up nicely. Indeed, in this era of quantitative easing,… Read More

In this market, finding a stock with strong upside potential that’s also come down well off of its 52-week high isn’t as easy as it may seem. But thanks to what I call the performance protection trade, there are high-fliers that have pulled back. Stocks such as Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:… Read More

I like buying stocks, not selling stocks — unless, of course, I am selling them for a big profit. And while I suspect that this market is headed higher over the next couple of months, and that you should be buying the “air pockets,” I also think there are certain… Read More