Jared Levy

Analyst Articles

It’s amazing what a month and a double-digit percentage drop in the market can do to investors’ psyches. Just a few short weeks ago, my colleagues were nearly all-in bullish and balking at my predictions of a correction. Some even took on-air jabs at my bearish thesis while… Read More

When buy and sell decisions are motivated by emotion and then amplified by mindless computer programs, stock movements can become irrational. But after the dust settles and traders gather their wits, we often find prime trading opportunities. The starkest example of this recently is Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), which has suffered… Read More

Earlier this year, I made the case to readers of my premium options service, Profit Amplifier, that a market correction could happen sometime this year. Just a few months later, that time has come. I recently warned investors about trouble brewing in Russia and China, and I was on the… Read More