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This 6x Overvalued Stock Could Hand Us A 40.6% Gain

As I mentioned at the beginning of last week, the market has transformed from a straight shot moneymaking bull market machine into more of a runaway train headed for untested track in near-zero visibility conditions. Take what you know and throw it — along with most of your logic —… Read More

Why This Market Pullback Is A Gift…

The market just got a bit of a reality check. Last week, after running up more than 60% with no significant pullbacks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finally took a 5.3% haircut in a matter of six days. Then, on Monday, the Dow plunged by as much as… Read More

The “Trump” Card No One Is Playing… Yet

From Day 1, Trump has promised big things for the economy. Though the mechanisms of action have been questionable, the President has managed to spur growth in not just the stock market (with a 20.4% annual gain) but in the broader economy as well. Tax cuts, regulatory reductions, and promises… Read More

How I Plan To Make 33 Percent On The CVS Merger

The Affordable Care Act (better known as “Obamacare”) has completely rearranged the healthcare chessboard and left many wanting, frustrated and confused, especially now that its future has become less clear. And I think it’s safe to say that the real beneficiaries of the ACA have been the insurance companies.  As… Read More

How I Plan To Make 25 Percent Betting Against Tesla

Elon Musk is perhaps one of the greatest marketers of our time. The optimistic showman, with his hand on the pulse of consumers’ desires, knows how to excite investors. He can dance around setbacks and keep most of us sold on his grandiose ideas that may or may not ever… Read More

Load Up On Turkey This Week, Not Stocks

Like most Americans, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. But those of you who have traded... Read More

Like most Americans, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. But those of you who have traded beside me for a long time in Profit Amplifier know my reluctance to enter new trades on... Read More