Jeff Clark

Analyst Articles

“You have to buy the oil stocks,” a so-called “expert” proclaimed on CNBC Monday. “They’re under-owned, and the price of crude oil is running higher.” Oil stocks have indeed enjoyed a tremendous rally over the past few weeks. The Energy Select Sector SPDR (NYSE: XLE) is up more than 7%… Read More

It’s just about time for the president to chastise the evil speculators and push gasoline prices lower once again. It was back in April when President Obama last saved us from rising gasoline prices. He pointed a finger at the speculators and blamed them for America’s pain at the pump. Read More

Platinum broke out last week.   Silver exploded higher yesterday.   Now it’s gold’s turn to bust out to the upside.   We took a look at the shiny yellow metal just three weeks ago. But based on the action in the other precious metals, we ought to keep a… Read More

Copper doesn’t believe the stock market rally. While the S&P 500 has managed to grind higher over the past several weeks, copper is flirting with its 2012 low.   For whatever reason, the price of copper and the level of… Read More