Frank Curzio

Analyst Articles

Income-seeking investors, be warned…   Dividend-paying utility stocks have had a heck of a run. Money has been flowing into this sector for over two years – utilities have even outperformed the S&P 500. Record-low interest rates have made these safe, high-yield stocks a great alternative for investors… Read More

In less than 10 years, every heavy-duty truck in the U.S. could be running on “alternate fuel.”  Companies like Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Pepsi, and Waste Management have already begun switching their diesel-engine trucking fleets. Today, small businesses with trucking fleets are looking to do the same.   I’m not talking… Read More

America’s favorite personal computer stocks are in big trouble.   On Tuesday, Dell collapsed 17% after reporting terrible earnings. The third-largest PC-maker shed $4.5 billion of its $22 billion market cap in 24 hours. Read More

Eric Sprott says silver prices will triple. Sprott is a legend in the resource industry. Many of his clients have become wealthy listening to his advice. He told them to buy gold about 10 years ago, for example, when the price was $250 an ounce. Today, gold trades over $1,600… Read More

There’s an interesting trade setting up in coal stocks…     The downturn in the sector has been brutal. Prices of the dirty fuel have been in freefall for over a year. That’s mostly due to the collapse in natural gas prices. You see, natural gas is an… Read More