David Sterman

Analyst Articles

In a globally-connected world, viruses can spread quickly. From influenza to dengue fever to herpes to HIV, viral contagions can spread at an alarming pace. Trouble is, doctors researching these viruses, known as virologists, have found it quite difficult to identify permanent cures. For example, even though doctors completely understand… Read More

During the past few months, an economic slowdown in China has led to a series of economic headwinds for many of the country’s key trading partners. Indeed, for the first time in several years, economists have raised the prospect of a possible recession in Asia and Latin America, joining the… Read More

Over the past few years, the notion of Murphy’s Law — anything that can go wrong, will go wrong — comes to mind for Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (NYSE: FCX), the world’s largest copper miner. In that time, the company has witnessed: — a sharp drop in copper prices… Read More

The phrase “fracking” — referring to the hydraulic fracturing of rock formations to tap into deeply submerged seams of natural gas — has surely been controversial. Consumers have expressed concerns that fracking may cause groundwater contamination, and regulators are closely studying the issue. The good news: Proper safeguards can help… Read More