Dave Goodboy

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The biotech sector remains the Wild West of stock investing. There is no other fully legitimate sector that has such intense price swings and volatility. The reason being is that the pharmaceutical and medical industries are trillion-dollar businesses. All it takes is a research team with a potentially valid idea… Read More

I am a firm believer in using both technical analysis and fundamental research as stock picking tools. Many investors mistakenly specialize in one discipline or the other rather than a mixture of the two.  Market technicians are often guilty of reaching the conclusion that all the fundamental information is already… Read More

One of the coolest things about the stock market is that money can be made regardless of the direction of a stock. Many times, I have heard investors lament that they missed a sharp upward move. Often, these same investors will commit the investing sin of chasing stocks that have… Read More

There are two things that I really enjoy. The first one is a great hamburger, and the second is proving bearish stock market pundits wrong. These two things come together nicely in today’s trade: The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ: WEN).   This burger chain has always attracted naysayers who talk about its… Read More

There are three primary factors to consider to increase the potential for outsized gains in the market: macroeconomic environment, societal trends and company volatility. First, let’s take a brief look at each of these, and then I’ll introduce a company that appears bullish on all fronts. The Macroeconomic Environment The… Read More