Dave Goodboy

Analyst Articles

Low-Priced, High-Tech Stock Set to Soar Almost 20%

Anyone who traded during the Internet bubble is not likely to soon forget it. Investors basically abandoned fundamentals, and any company with dot-com in its name would skyrocket on its IPO and often continue higher to even crazier valuations. There were actually companies that never earned a dollar… Read More

Under $5 Stock Could Surge 45% in the Next 90 Days

Buying stocks that have fallen on hard times, or just out of Wall Street’s favor, is a time-honored way to capture outsized returns. Price does not always reflect the actual value of a company, and finding these disconnects is one key to successful stock picking.  There are several ways to… Read More

This Little 50% Gainer is About to Come Crashing Down

Natural resource exploration companies can be among the most volatile and lucrative stocks. Similar to small biotechs, investors are betting on the future success of these often tiny firms. Every bit of good news sends shares soaring, while negative news causes them to plummet.   I first learned of the… Read More