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Today’s chart shows our big “Asia up, the West not so much” idea is still intact. To recap, the long-term case for owning Asian assets instead of U.S. and European assets is simple. Over the past 40 years, the Western world has cooked up an ugly stew of unfunded welfare… Read More

Our chart of the week is an update on the most incredible bull market in the world… the bull market in gold, aka “real money.”   At DailyWealth, we’re always searching for trades and investments with strong fundamental underpinnings. But… Read More

We’d like you to start your morning with the world’s easiest investment quiz. It’s only one question long: Which asset would you rather own: gold or Italian stocks? If you’re unsure of the answer, remember that the trend is your friend… and… Read More

Last week, your DailyWealth editors attended our annual lifetime-subscriber conference in Santa Barbara, California… where one of the most interesting “trading topics” was crude oil.   Several traders there expect weakening demand and ample supplies to send crude much lower in 2012. But the big question was, “How… Read More

It’s amazing how $1 trillion can boost the stock market.   Back in August, fears of a European credit collapse helped crush the area’s markets. Spanish stocks fell 25%. French stocks fell 30%. German stocks fell 32%. The… Read More

  Of all the commodities moving in lockstep with stocks, few do so with more reliability than crude oil. Regular DailyWealth readers are familiar with a dangerous trend you’ll never hear from your broker or the nightly news. That trend is how stocks and commodities are moving in the same… Read More

Near the top of our watch list right now: GDX and the $52 level.   Back in the dark days of December 2008, we tagged gold stocks as one of the market‘s leading “rebound” candidates. The sector was the definition of “beaten… Read More

After a brief “confound the crowd” rally, the euro is rolling over.   Regular readers know one of our top trading ideas for 2011 is to short the pan-European currency, the euro. While Greece gets all the “debt disaster” headlines… Read More