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Even though “Brent Crude” is getting cheaper, it’s still a heck of a lot more expensive than natural gas…   In last Saturday’s “Chart of the Week,” we highlighted the budding downtrend in Brent Crude. While most Americans only know our domestic “West Texas Intermediate” price, “Brent Crude” is a… Read More

Today, we offer an answer to the question many ask when presented with our “super-concentrated” portfolio warning. That question is, “How do I NOT own a super-concentrated portfolio?”   To recap our warning: Many investors take a position in commodities… Read More

These days, investment optimists have to take any good news they can get. And right now, they’re getting a tiny bit of good news from the XLF.   Regular readers know the big U.S. financial stock fund XLF is a permanent fixture on our “watch list.” With large… Read More

  If there’s one point we hope we’ve driven home this year, it’s how well “owning the basics” works in a tough market… or any market. Regular DailyWealth readers have read about our “basics” idea dozens of times. The idea is, for… Read More

Today’s chart makes the case for royalties. If you’re a longtime DailyWealth reader, you’ve probably read about the precious metal “royalty model” many times. While companies that employ this model are often lumped in with conventional gold and silver stocks, they are different from your average miner… and… Read More

If you’re a silver owner, stay prepared for volatility. That’s the message of today’s chart.   Regular readers know we believe silver will go much higher in the coming years. The enormous and growing populations of China and India (“Chindia”) have a deep cultural affinity for precious metals like gold… Read More

Keep an eye on French stocks. They are now in the danger zone.   Regular readers know why we’ve been focused on the price action in the euro and critical European companies like financial giant Deutsche Bank. After all, Europe… Read More

If you’ve struggled in stocks over the past decade or so, don’t feel bad… you... Read More

If you’ve struggled in stocks over the past decade or so, don’t feel bad… you have some company at the end of the bar.   Last week, one of the mutual fund industry’s... Read More

  For folks who are taking today’s essay to heart and are planning to sell options, we’ve got good news in the chart below. Over the past few years, we’ve highlighted how you can generate huge amounts of safe, conservative income by selling stock options… and we know many folks have… Read More