Brian Hunt

Analyst Articles

“Asia up… the West not so much.”   For many years now, we’ve highlighted a giant idea you can label, “Asia up, the West not so much.” The idea concerns the gradual increase of Asian economic power… and the gradual decrease of old European economic power. Many European… Read More

Today’s chart shows folks are still flocking toward dividends… And they’re still buying the basics.   Over the past few years, we’ve stressed the importance of dividends and high-quality stocks dozens of times in DailyWealth. We practically went to your house and made you buy them. In a… Read More

Sure… you can track the “China situation” by watching iron ore miners… But make sure to give copper a look from time to time…    As we reminded you last month, China is the center of a great financial debate. Some world-class analysts, including Jim Chanos, say the… Read More