Brian Hunt

Analyst Articles

A prediction I made early this year is turning out to be incredibly profitable for investors…   If you’re worried about the European debt crisis… or a China slowdown… or anything else, it’s important for you to know about this prediction… the idea behind it… and why the… Read More

The bottom is in for silver stocks…   It’s been a roller-coaster year for the gray metal… and the companies that mine it. After surging more than 30% in January and February, silver reversed course and tumbled nearly to its 2011 lows, giving up all its gains. Read More

Despite a giant bribery scandal, Wal-Mart keeps chugging along… thanks in part to the “dividend momentum” trade we’ve been writing about.   Over the past few years, we’ve stressed the importance of dividends and high-quality stocks dozens of times in… Read More

The U.S. dollar is winning the “least ugly” contest…   Like China, the U.S. dollar is the subject of a big financial debate. Bears say the U.S. is under a crushing debt load… which will push the value of the… Read More

Today’s chart shows the “basics” approach to investing is working… World-Dominator style.   Regular readers know that when it comes to investing in high-growth emerging markets like Brazil, India, and China, we’re drawn to “the basics” approach of owning dominant global companies… Read More