Brian Hunt

Analyst Articles

It’s still “trench warfare” in the XLF… and the sellers are winning.   Regular DailyWealth readers know we monitor the big U.S. financial stock fund (XLF) to gauge the action in the banking sector. With large weightings in JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup, XLF represents… Read More

Royal Gold isn’t the only royalty company “acting well” these days…   Recently, we noted the big rise in shares of elite royalty company Royal Gold (RGLD). Riding on the back of the surging gold prices, RGLD just struck an… Read More

This week, we take our euro “mythbusting” to a new level. After all, the euro just hit a new level…   As we noted last month, one of the big myths in the marketplace is that despite the huge government debt problems plaguing Europe right now, its multi-nation… Read More

Most “experts” on financial television are saying gold’s recent action is weak. We say, sure, gold is off its high, but that’s just how bull markets work…   As you can see from today’s chart, gold spent the end of 2010 trading in a range between $1,325 and… Read More

The trend is still down in small resource stocks… And we’re still on the sidelines.   We track the trend here with the TSX Venture Index, the most widely followed gauge of tiny gold, silver, and energy firms that scour… Read More