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Today’s chart is a lesson on why you shouldn’t think of just stocks when you hear the word “investing.”   Regular readers have seen lots of “outside the stock market ” ideas in DailyWealth. We’re fans of timberland bought at… Read More

If you think you’re diversified right now, think again. An important trend we’ve been... Read More

If you think you’re diversified right now, think again. An important trend we’ve been highlighting in these pages is still going strong… The trend is the extreme correlation between... Read More

Our “sure bet” thesis on market volatility is running full-steam right now.   To recap our thesis, we know there are few sure bets in the financial markets… few “this is the case, and it always will be” statements we’re… Read More

This week’s chart shows how Warren Buffett is falling even farther behind gold.   Back in April, we noted that despite gold’s “real money” attributes… its vital role as “crisis insurance”… and its giant uptrend, the metal still has detractors. One of the highest profile detractors is superinvestor… Read More

After suffering one of the most brutal selloffs of the past few years, the stock market is a stretched rubber band ready to snap back.   Markets are like runners. They can’t run flat-out in one direction without taking at… Read More

Given today’s commentary from Chris Weber, it’s worth updating our big “myth busting” idea regarding the pan-European currency: the euro.   Most folks don’t realize that the nations of Europe form a larger economy than the United States’. Europe is… Read More

This summer, we haven’t been able to go a day without hearing how the debt ceiling “crisis” is pushing stocks lower. Our chart today is an update on how the “stocks are going lower” news is worse than you think…   Regular DailyWealth readers know there are always… Read More

  This week’s chart is both a “we told you so” piece and a “warning” piece. It displays the incredible strength in gold over the past year… and the new all-time high the metal reached this week. Even before we published this 2005 letter to our brilliant friend Bill Bonner,… Read More

Regular DailyWealth readers know we monitor a small group of investment funds for our informal “World’s Worst ETF” contest. We keep up this contest because knowing what not to buy is even more important than knowing what to buy. The popular natural gas fund (UNG), for instance, often manages to… Read More