Austin Hatley

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Today, I want to show you the right way to sell put options. Whether you’re an investment veteran or just opening your first brokerage account, I urge you to listen. Chances are you need to hear this message. Regular readers know a put option is a security that… Read More

Finding dependable, double-digit yields in this market isn’t easy… The Federal Reserve has pushed interest rates to all-time lows. Bonds are barely beating inflation, and the yields on dividend stocks are awful — the S&P 500 only pays less than 2%.  To make matters worse, stocks are within pennies of… Read More

Investors are getting nervous about the events going on in Washington as the government shutdown drags on. While we think that the shutdown is nothing more than “political theater” and should have no long-term effect on stock prices, the U.S. government’s most recent antics have nonetheless introduced an element of… Read More